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Oh! what a delight to be chosen by God to experience His radical mercy and love in the saving death of His Son Jesus the Christ! To be given the gift of deliverance from the power of sin and the power of death is no small thing. Alleluia!! As I observe all the leaves come out of hard bark, the radical number of colors and shapes of the flowering trees and bushes here at the parish, I am drawn to ever more gratitude.
One of the things I am MOST grateful for is the way the parish is responding to the outward focus of the Gospel. We are now tithing 10% of all gifts and stewardship to the parish. We have several beneficiaries as well as people served who come to the door or are stuck at home. The Kolbe Center, FAM, St. Vincent DePaul Ministries and St. Peter Calver - all receive regular gifts of 10% of parish stewardship, and Daybreak received a 1 -time $1,000 gift for their sleep out event.  Also, second collections (which you do not see anymore because we tithe to them also) come from the one basket. What we can do with what return to the Lord you are making for all the good He has done for you! It is surely an Easter parish rising! And all these boats rise with us.
I am delighted at how many of you have gone to your bank to become a yellow-card giver each week. Electronic funds transfer is as easy as sharing the parish routing and account number with your bank. Consider 5% and not 10% to the parish if you believe it acts as Christ would. Then, use the other 5% for particular charities the parish is not yet serving.
Even more, I am especially grateful for those who, either online through Facebook and YouTube or coming to the church and hall, are participating in adult religious education and the religious education of your children. You adults know how important it is to have ready answers for your children, and that Catholicism is understood best as an adult. Thank you for coming to Fr. Steve and my offerings. We hope you find your faith growing.
Lastly, it is a joy for Fr. Steve and myself to be here. We are excited about this Summer when we have picnics and dinners and dances and reach out from strength in ever greater ways.
Peace and every good,
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